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News and Recent Grants

The Lions Quest Advisory Committee approved 22 grants totaling US$1,216,054 during a meeting in August. Through these grants, Lions Quest programs will provide students with positive life skills in countries like India, Japan, Madagascar, the United States, Turkey and more.

The SightFirst Advisory Committee approved 26 grants totaling US$8,063,304 during a meeting in August. As part of these grants, SightFirst will continue working with The Carter Center to control trachoma and river blindness in Ethiopia, Mali, Niger and northern Uganda; provide cataract surgeries in Nepal and Sri Lanka; support a diabetic retinopathy program in the United States and more. 

The LCIF Standard grant minimum and maximum request amounts have been updated. As a result of the June/July 2014 Board meeting in Toronto, Canada, the new Standard grant minimum request amount for matching funds is US$10,000 and the new maximum request amount for matching funds is US$100,000. These new amounts apply to grant applications received at LCIF as of July 1, 2014.