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Contact LCIF

Contact LCIF


Lions Clubs International Foundation
300 W. 22nd St. 
Oak Brook, IL 60523-8842
630-571-5735 (fax)

*Please note the Foundation does not provide funding to individuals, as all grant monies are awarded directly to a Lions club for project and program implementation.

Rebecca Teel Daou
Executive Administrator

Monika Kural
Division Assistant 
(630) 468-6901

Christine Hastings
Financial Planning & Analysis Manager
(630) 468-6775

LCIF Humanitarian Programs Department
For questions about non-sight grant programs, email LCIFHumanitarianPrograms@lionsclubs.org.
For emergency grant requests, email lcifemergencygrants@lionsclubs.org or call (630) 203-3819.

KaSondra Byrd
(630) 468-6826

Benjamin Futransky 
Assistant Manager 
Emergency and Major Catastrophe Grants, ISAAME Standard Grants
(630) 468-6723

J. Beeck
Regional Program Specialist 
ANZI-Pacific and OSEAL Standard Grants
(630) 468-6799

Julie Boonprasarn 
Regional Program Specialist  
Europe and Francophone Africa Standard Grants
(630) 468-6802

Wesley Gathings
Regional Program Specialist
U.S.A. and Canadian Standard Grants, Special Olympics Partnership, Lions Affordable Hearing Aid Project (AHAP)
(630) 468-6887

Erika Klotz
Regional Program Specialist
Latin America Standard Grants, Lions Quest Core 4 Grants
(630) 468-6969

For inquiries regarding the Lions Affordable Hearing Aid Project, please call (630) 203-3819

LCIF Sight Programs Department
(all LCIF sight-related grant programs)

Phillip Albano
Sight Partnerships
(630) 468-6895

Marie Anne Sliwinski
Regional Program Specialist
Southeast Asia, ANZI-Pacific, U.S. and Canada SightFirst Grants, Core 4 Diabetes Grants
(630) 468-6785

Linda Romano
Regional Program Specialist
South Asia SightFirst Grants
(630) 468-7018

Natalia Ginez
Regional Program Specialist
Latin America SightFirst Grants
(630) 468-6945

Karen Kilberg
Regional Program Specialist 
Africa and the Middle East SightFirst Grants
(630) 468-6825

Lions Quest Department

Matthew Kiefer
(630) 468-6965

Kimberly Anderson
Educational Programs Specialist
(630) 468-6904

Michael DiMaria
Educational Programs Specialist 
(630) 468-6704

Kimberly Haynes
Program Development Specialist
(630) 468-6772

Maurice Van Horne
Marketing and Sales Specialist
(630) 468-6733

Penny Willis
Training and Program Development Specialist 
(630) 468-6960

LCIF Donor Services
General inquiries: (630) 203-3836

Anthony Paskauskas
Donor Services
(630) 468-6708

Russina Grady 
Assistant Manager
Donation & Recognition Processing
(630) 468-6780

Dannette Pryor
Assistant Manager
Donor Assistance
(630) 468-6726

LCIF Communications

Cassandra Rotolo
Communications Specialist 
Corporate Communications
(630) 468-7030

LCIF Development

Nathan Miles
Chief Development Manager 
(630) 468-6896

Erica Prosser
Regional Development Specialist
U.S.A. East and Canada
(630) 468-6963

Jeff Arnett
Regional Development Specialist
U.S.A. West and Canada
(630) 468-6973

Priya Ghosh
Regional Development Specialist 
(630) 468-6809

Lubna Saleh
Regional Development Specialist 
(630) 468-6973

Katharine Keller
LCIF Corporate, Foundation & Government Gifts Specialist
(630) 468-6837

Tiffany Morgan
LCIF Corporate, Foundation & Government Gifts Specialist
(630) 468-6931

Christopher Plunkett
East Asia Manager
(630) 468-6724


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