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LCIF History

LCIF History


Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) was founded in 1968 to take the mission of Lions Clubs International to new heights by tackling global problems, as well as assisting Lions with large-scale local humanitarian projects. LCIF’s history is filled with high-impact projects, meaningful partnerships and the kindness and efforts of Lions. With continued support, you can count on LCIF to continue and expand programs to improve lives around the world far into the future.

Key LCIF Accomplishments:

› LCIF is incorporated as a Foundation.

› LCIF awards first grant of US$5,000 for flooding in South Dakota, USA.

› The Melvin Jones Fellowship program is created as a way for donors of US$1,000 to be recognized.

› LCIF begins partnering with Quest International to implement the youth development program, Lions Quest.

› LCIF awards first Major Catastrophe Grant of US$50,000 for earthquake relief in Mexico.

› The Progressive Melvin Jones Fellowship program is established to give Lions a way to extend their commitment to LCIF.

› SightFirst program begins and goes on to prevent serious vision loss of more than 30 million people.

Campaign SightFirst is launched to raise funds to initiate the SightFirst program.

› LCIF partners with the China State Council Coordination Committee on Disability for SightFirst China Action.

› LCIF embarks on a partnership with The Carter Center to combat river blindness and trachoma in Latin America and Africa.
› LCIF establishes the Core 4 grant program.

› The September 11 Disaster Relief Fund raises US$3 million to help victims.
› LCIF begins partnership with Special Olympics to provide vision screenings to athletes through the Opening Eyes program.
› LCIF and the World Health Organization launch the world’s first-ever initiative to combat childhood blindness.

› LCIF acquires rights to Lions Quest program.
› LCIF joins with Johnson & Johnson Vision Care to develop and manage Sight for Kids program to provide vision screenings and eye health education for children in Asia.

› Lions mobilize more than US$15 million for South Asian tsunami relief, making this the single largest disaster reconstruction project in LCIF history at this point.

› Campaign SightFirst II, LCIF’s most ambitious fundraising campaign ever, kicks off at the Lions International Convention in Hong Kong.
› Lions raise US$5 million for Hurricane Katrina relief.

› LCIF is named the #1 non-governmental organization in the world with which to partner by an independent Financial Times study.

› The largest single personal donation of US$3 million is pledged to LCIF.
› LCIF and Habitat for Humanity partnership builds its 1,000th home.
› Lions donate US$3 million for China earthquake relief.
› Lions surpass the Campaign SightFirst II fundraising goal, raising more than US$200 million.

› Lions Quest celebrates its 25th anniversary. 
› Lions raise more than US$6 million for Haiti earthquake relief.

› Lions provides vision screening to the 211,000th Special Olympics athlete.
› In partnership with Bausch + Lomb, LCIF launches the Pediatric Cataract Initiative.

› The 318,070th Lion becomes a Melvin Jones Fellow and the 58,126th Lion becomes a Progressive Melvin Jones Fellow.
› Lions help administer the 148 millionth dose of Mectizan® to treat river blindness.
› LCIF mobilized more than US$21 million for Japan relief efforts following the earthquake and tsunami.
SightFirst China Action III is launched.
› LCIF awards its 10,000th grant, bringing the total amount awarded to US$708 million.

› LCIF celebrates 10 years of partnership with Johnson & Johnson Vision Care through the Sight for Kids program. The partnership has screened almost 17 million children for vision problems at this point.
› US$10 million is raised for vaccinations through the One Shot, One Life: Lions Measles Initiative as part of a challenge from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

› LCIF partners with the GAVI Alliance and DFID to continue fight measles, committing to raise US$30 million by 2017.
› LCIF expands their partnership with Special Olympics to include more than just vision screenings.
› Lions and LCIF help The Carter Center and OPEA celebrate the elimination of river blindness in Colombia.

› LCIF expands Sight for Kids partnership with Johnson & Johnson Vision Care to Kenya and Turkey.
› Lions and LCIF help The Carter Center and OPEA celebrate the elimination of river blindness in Ecuador.
› LCIF receives 4-star rating from Charity Navigator for its effective fiscal management and its commitment to accountability and transparency.

› LCIF, Lions and partners celebrate the donation of the 500 millionth dose of azithromycin, an antibiotic used to fight trachoma.
› LCIF receives its fourth consecutive 4-star rating from Charity Navigator.
› Lions Quest launches updated and streamlined curriculum.

LCIF reaches a US$1 billion milestone. Since its founding in 1968, more than 13,000 grants have been awarded, totaling more than US$1 billion.
› LCIF receives sixth consecutive 4-star rating from Charity Navigator for its effective fiscal management and its commitment to accountability and transparency.


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