Fiscal Responsibility

In more than 40 years, LCIF has become an internationally-respected charitable organization, awarding on average US$30 million each year to Lions’ humanitarian projects. We have been able to do this through the generosity of Lions and partners, and due to our fiscal responsibility. Donors can be confident that funds entrusted to LCIF will support initiatives that impact communities and change lives. LCIF receives no part of club dues.

Efficiency is essential

It is an amazing feeling to know that your donation has a direct impact on the lives of people around the world, helping restore sight, support youth, provide disaster relief and address many other humanitarian needs. LCIF will continue to ensure that all donated funds are used efficiently to help even more people.

Rigorous grant approval and monitoring

The 11,341 grants that LCIF has awarded since our founding have been thoroughly reviewed before approval by the LCIF Board of Trustees. Technical advisors, external evaluators and LCIF staff conduct careful monitoring and evaluation before, during and after the project.

Additional resources

When making a donation, it is important to choose fiscally responsible charities. We appreciate the opportunity to share more about our finances and programs with you. You may review our most recent Annual Reports here:

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For more details on LCIF’s finances, please see the most recent Audited Financial Statements.

LCIF’s tax return (form 990) is available upon request by contacting Rebecca Daou, LCIF Executive Administrator. 

View the LCIF Privacy Policy.