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Recent Grants

Recent Grants


Grants Approved October 2017:

48 Grants Approved, Totaling US$4,316,898
Humanitarian Grants

India, District 321
US$200,000 for a World Diabetes Day

US$200,000 for Leo Service Grants

US$1,000,000 to expand Lions Traffic Accident Prevention Center

Ukraine, District UND
US$14,884 for Group Lifestyle Balance Program

Philippines, District 301-A2
US$31,500 to Purchase Vision Screening Equipment

Ecuador, District G-1
US$98,560 to Equip Lions Vision Clinic

Mexico, District B-2
US$10,000 to Equip Lions Vision Screening Program

Wisconsin, USA, District 27-A1
US$30,000 for Vision Mission to the Dominican Republic

California, USA, District 4-C3
US$22,726 to Purchase Vision Screening Equipment

California, USA, District 4-L5
US$22,611 to Equip Mobile Health Screening Equipment

Utah, USA, District 28-U
US$50,000 to Equip Mobile Vision Screening Program

Belgium, District 112-B
US$16,225 to Renovate and Equip Hospital in Kahemba, DRC

Oklahoma, USA, District 3
US$50,000 to Equip Oklahoma Lions Mobile Health Screening Unit

Mississippi, USA, District 30-M
US$100,000 to Equip Nature Trail for the Disabled

Georgia, USA, District 18
US$14,000 to Upgrade Therapy Pool at Lions Camp for the Disabled

Wisconsin, USA, District 5M-4
US$14,000 to Equip Recreational Program for the Disabled

Virginia, USA, District 24-E
US$20,000 to Purchase Lions Transport Van

Florida, USA, District 35
US$47,000 to Renovate Lions Conklin Center for the Blind

Lebanon, District 351
US$49,863 to Establish Blood Bank

British Columbia, CA, District 19-H
US$25,000 to Equip Abbotsford Regional Hospital

Ontario, Canada, District A-2
US$100,000 to Equip Dehli Community Health Centre

Ontario, Canada, District A-16
US$69,816 to Equip Peterbrorough Regional Centre

Quebec, Canada, District U-2
US$28,984 to Renovate and Equip Food Bank

Republic of Korea, District 356-C
US$80,000 to Purchase 12 Transport Vehicles for Disabled

Republic of Korea, District 356-D
US$44,000 to Purchase 3 Transport Vehicles for Disabled

Republic of Korea, District 356-A
US$80,000 to Purchase 8 Transport Vehicles for Disabled

Republic of Korea, District 356-E
US$10,000 to Purchase 12 Transport Vehicles for Disabled

Republic of Korea, District 356-B
US$86,731 to Establish Vocational Training for Disabled

Republic of Korea, District 354-D
US$100,000 for water wells & drip irrigation in Burkina Faso

MD300 Taiwan, District 300-D2
US$100,000 to Purchase and Equip Diabetes Care Vehicle

MD300 Taiwan, District 300-G2
US$100,000 to Purchase and Equip 4 Diabetes Care Vehicles

MD300 Taiwan, District 300-E1
US$86,756 to Purchase Vehicles for 4 Social Service Organizations

Italy, District 108-YB
US$24,677 to Establish Art Vocational Training Center for Autistic Youth

Argentina, District O-3
US$27,484 to Expand and Improve Early Intervention Services

Bolivia, District S-2
US$75,000 to Construct Elementary and Middle School

Brazil, District LC-6
US$64,815 to Expand Physical Therapy Program for Disabled

Brazil, District LD-1
US$71,181 to Update Mammography Equipment for Hospital

India, District 3231-A3
US$56,764 to Expand School at Vikamgad

India, District 3232-F2
US$100,000 to Equip Lions School at Ankleshwar

Thailand, District 310-E
US$34,920 to Equip Hospital in Thailand

Thailand, District 310-B
US$42,200 to Equip Hospital in Thailand

Hungary, District 119
US$100,000 to Construct Home for Disabled & Seniors

India, District 318-A
US$100,000 to Establish Blood Bank at Trivandrum

Thailand, District 310-D
US$37,125 for Computers for 3 Schools in Thailand

Thailand, District 310-A1
US$44,000 Equip Hospital in Thailand

Japan, District 333-E
US$14,300 to Construct Kindergarten in the Philippines

Japan, District 334-A
US$14,735 to Equip School for Deaf & Hearing Impaired in Aichi Prefecture

Japan, District 334-A
US$14,615 to Equip Social Welfare Council in Anjo City, Japan


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