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News and Recent Grants

The LCIF Standard grant minimum and maximum request amounts have been updated. As a result of the June/July 2014 Board meeting in Toronto, Canada, the new Standard grant minimum request amount for matching funds is US$10,000 and the new maximum request amount for matching funds is US$100,000.

   Recent Grants

LCIF awarded 72 grants totaling US$3.1 million during the June/July 2014 Board of Trustees meeting in Toronto, Canada. These grants included:

  • A grant of US$34,688 to Lions in Burkina Faso, District 403-A1, to expand a primary school in a remote village. Approximately 150 children will benefit from this school expansion each year.
  • A grant of US$75,000 to Lions in France, District 103-IW, to work with the Lions Clubs of Mali (District 403-A1) to provide clean water and sanitation in a village. Approximately 2,000 people will benefit from this project.
  • A grant of US$14,405 to Lions in United States, California, District 4-C6, to purchase vision screening equipment for use in elementary schools and daycare centers. The Lions will screen more than 1,000 children during the first year.