Lions Quest classroom
When I first heard about Lions Quest, it didn’t take much to convince me because I immediately recognized the potential…What I couldn’t foresee at that moment is how long we would be working with Lions Quest and what success it would mean for our school.
Hans Essinger
Principal, Martin Niemoller School, Reinstadt, Germany
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Core 4 Grants

At the core of LCIF’s mission is our work to improve lives. We prevent avoidable blindness, assist disabled people to become more independent, help people prevent or manage health issues and support youth in positive development. Core 4 grants address these priorities by providing up to US$200,000 for large-scale projects that qualify under one of four core service commitment program areas: preserving sight, combating disability, promoting health and serving youth.

Core 4 priority projects are pre-determined and a Core 4 grant request must fund a project related to the priorities. Core 4 grants aim to make start-up projects sustainable; therefore Multiple Districts are able to receive one Core 4 grant per project.

Current Core 4 Priority Projects

Combating Disability

Promoting Health

Serving Youth

Preserving Sight

  • Projects are currently being discussed by the Board of Trustees and will be posted here once finalized.

Find the following Core 4 Grant Applications:

Examples of recent Core 4 grant projects include:

  • United States, District 22-A — A grant of US$25,000 was given to Lions in Maryland, District 22-A, to expand Lions Quest in the Baltimore school district. Lions will conduct four workshops expand Lions Quest to 10 schools, where a portion of staff has been trained and implement Lions Quest in three new schools. Additionally, Lions will also conduct one refresher workshop. This grant will train 130 new teachers to benefit 2,400 students in the Baltimore School District.

  • Canada, Districts 5-SKS and 5-SKN — A grant of US$118,000 was awarded to Lions of Districts 5-SKS and 5-SKN to help establish a province-wide diabetes detection program through the Core 4 diabetes program.