Other Grants
In addition to the grant programs for which Lions may apply, the Foundation awards millions annually for other projects and programs that impact lives worldwide, through designated grants and the Humanitarian Award grant.

Designated grants represent restricted funds for a particular cause. Money is spent solely as directed; funds are not applied to the general humanitarian grant fund. Recent designated funds include the Haiti earthquake, Hurricane Katrina and Campaign SightFirst II. This grant is only given upon approval from the Board of Trustees and cannot be applied for by Lions.

Humanitarian Award Winner is the highest honor of the association. The award includes a grant of up to US$250,000 from Lions Clubs International Foundation to the winner's humanitarian organization affiliation for continuing humanitarian activities. Previous recipients include former U.S. President Jimmy Carter and Mother Teresa - view the complete list here. Lions clubs members may nominate deserving philanthropists, and the board and Lions Clubs International President select the winner.