Grants in Action
Emergency SightFirst Lions Quest

489 grants approved in 2012-13, totaling US$39,297,388.00

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Lions Quest classroom
The students have gotten so much out of Lions Quest. You see it manifested in their understanding of commitment, responsibility and obligation, as well as in their improved behavior and attendance.
Michael Bailey
Principal, Raleigh Egypt High School, Memphis, Tennessee, USA
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Our Impact

More than four decades ago, LCIF helped people in need for the first time by bringing some relief to flood victims in South Dakota, USA. Since then, through the support of Lions and our partners, we have been able to expand our service work in scope and reach and become an internationally-recognized humanitarian organization. The Foundation has been there for people experiencing hardship all around the world through awarding US$826 million for restoring sight, providing disaster relief, supporting youth and serving humanitarian needs.

LCIF not only provides essential grant funding to Lions so they can carry out ambitious and compassionate service projects, but we also seek out unmet needs in the world and create programming to meet them. Through programs like SightFirst, Lions Quest and Opening Eyes, the Foundation has worked to take action to improve millions of lives. But don’t take our word for it—read stories from people directly affected by or involved in our work on the next pages. The impact we make on their individual lives is at the heart of everything we do.