Lions Quest Program
Reinstadt, Germany
Location: Reinstadt, Germany

Gaining Skills That Will Last a Lifetime

Marvin Hoffman, a 9th grade student at Martin Niemoller School in Reinstadt, Germany, deals with the same challenges that millions of teenagers around the world face every day. With bullying in school and unresolved conflicts occurring among students, his school did not always create a constructive and safe learning environment that all students deserve.

A chance to break the cycle

The school began working with local Lions five years ago to implement Lions Quest, a kindergarten through 12th grade positive youth development and prevention program that unites the home, school and community to cultivate capable and healthy young people of strong character. Lions Quest helps students grow into solid citizens as they learn how to make responsible decisions, communicate effectively, find solutions to bullying in school, and avoid drugs and violence.

More than 13 million young people have taken part in a Lions Quest classroom in 85 countries, and more than 550,000 educators and other adults have been trained to implement the programs in schools and community settings. Lions Quest celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2009.

Opening hearts and minds for positive change

Since implementing Lions Quest, Hoffman’s school has seen remarkable improvements. Students in his class used skills they learned through Lions Quest to implement a solution to defuse a bullying situation with students from another school. “Lions Quest has taught me to talk to my teacher about problems I face. And that it’s okay to confide in others,” said Hoffman.

“The students have far fewer conflicts in general…and if they do have disagreements, they are now in a better position to handle them and find solutions for them,” said school social worker Joachim Horn. With a healthier and happier student climate, there is now virtually no bullying at the school.