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Disaster Work

Disaster Work


Lions Clubs International Foundation has extensive experience in providing immediate and long-term relief following disasters. Local Lions and Lions leaders assess the immediate needs and develop a long-term reconstruction plan; LCIF staff is involved in planning. We stay for as long as it takes to finish the disaster work, and help give victims their lives back. Read more about our disaster work in our Disaster Prospectus.

Providing Disaster Relief through LCIF

  • Each year the Foundation awards millions in grants for disaster relief. Over the last 10 years, the Foundation has given over US$100 million.
  • Mobilized US$6 million for Haiti earthquake relief, US$15 million following South Asia tsunami, US$5 million for Hurricane Katrina projects in four U.S. states, US$3 million for China earthquake and US$3 million following September 11, 2001 devastation, and assistance for countless other catastrophes.
  • Donors can be confident that funds entrusted to LCIF will support initiatives that impact communities and change lives.
  • Projects carried out by Lions in the community, a vast grassroots network of 1.35 million Lions members in 208 countries and regions worldwide.
  • View a video highlighting LCIF's disaster relief work.

Relief Following Superstorm Sandy in the USA

Lions Clubs International Foundation mobilized US$740,000 to help those affected by Superstorm Sandy in 2012, including a US$100,000 major catastrophe grant. Some examples of LCIF grants in action include: 

  • Connecticut, District 23-C: The Lions ALERT team worked to provide community meals at shelters and other sites where meals are needed.
  • Maryland, District 22-B: Lions provided personal hygiene kits, including toothbrushes, toothpaste, hand towels, soap and more, to 400 displaced families being housed in a local community center.
  • New Jersey, District 16-A, 16-B, 16-C, 16-D and 16-E: Lions worked with local food banks to provide food, water and blankets to residents in need.
  • The Flatlands Lions Club/District 20-K1 in New York, USA, partnered with the Gerritsen Beach Cares Long Term Recovery program to help the elderly, infirm and residents/families with the greatest economic hardship to rebuild their homes.
  • The Lions of New Jersey are making home repairs for low income individuals who had no insurance and have not received any Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) funds. Focusing on the Jersey Shore community, Lions and non-Lions volunteers will be making basic repairs to make homes habitable again.

Lions in the affected areas weren’t the only ones providing aid to those in need. Many generous Lions sent supplies, held fundraisers and made donations to the LCIF Disaster Relief fund. View a video of LCIF and Lions' relief efforts here.

Renande Pierre-Louis stands in front of her new home.Haiti Earthquake Relief

  • After the earthquake hit Haiti in 2010, Lions immediately established three tent cities to provide shelter to 2,500 people. Now, Lions are helping rebuild vital infrastructure.
  • LCIF collaborated with Food for the Poor to construct 400 permanent homes and a community center that will provide vocational training. LCIF is providing US$1.5 million and Food for the Poor will contribute US$1.28 million.
  • The Lions of MD 105, England, Scotland, Isle of Man, Northern Ireland, Ireland, Wales and Channel Islands, donated more than US$700,000,  some of which has been used to build a new vocational training center at the Montfort Institute for the Deaf in Port-au-Prince.
  • 600 Haitian families moved into new, temporary homes thanks to an initiative between LCIF, the Lions of MD111 Germany and HELP, an international non-governmental organization. The families are those who were initially sheltered in Lions' tent cities. LCIF provided US$1.4 million for this project.
  • Four classrooms and a laboratory are a part of the new National Nursing School of Port au Prince, where 350 students will study annually. Even before the earthquake, there was a shortage of trained healthcare professionals, especially nurses. LCIF provided US$368,421, or 27 percent, of the total project cost for construction and equipment expenses. The project is in partnership with HumaniTerra International, a non-governmental organization devoted to surgery.
  • Lions reconstructed the Notre Dame School in Port-au-Prince through an International Assistance Grant with the French Lions of District 103-SW. The school, founded in 1978, serves students from disadvantaged families and is supported by the non-governmental organization SOS Enfants Sans Frontiers (Children without Borders). The school was severely damaged in the 2010 earthquake. Until the school was rebuilt, the 361 students had to attend classes in make-shift rooms and alternative locations. 

Peng Hua Lions Village in Sichuan Province, China

  • Only volunteer service club organization officially recognized by Chinese government.
  • Village destroyed in a 2008 earthquake in central China.
  • Eighty homes were handed over to families during a ceremony in October 2009; part of a two-phase project to construct more than 150 homes.
  • Chinese Lions joined villagers in the rebuilding process, some traveling to the area up to 10 times to assist hands-on, as well as donating supplies.
  • Rebuilt three schools in the same area as well, opened in September in time for the school year.

Relief in Four States Following Hurricane Katrina

  • Mobilized US$5 million for immediate and long-term reconstruction in Alabama, Florida, Louisiana and Mississippi following the hurricane in 2005.
  • An estimated 3 million benefited from Lions’ efforts.
  • Funds helped rebuild and equip schools, rebuild or establish Lion eye clinics and eye banks, provide assistive and rehabilitative devices for disabled, repair Lions camps and numerous other projects.
  • Lions from across the U.S. and Canada drove relief supplies to affected areas.
  • Continued with long-term disaster work efforts, including the recent completion of a state-of-the-art high school in Chalmette, Louisiana, where the old high school was completely destroyed; the remodeling of Twelve Baskets Food Bank in Mississippi; and the rebuilding of Camp Wilkes in Mississippi.

Villages and Economy Rebuilt in South Asia after Tsunami

  • Awarded more than US$15 million for long-term reconstruction efforts in four countries, including Thailand, India, Indonesia and Sri Lanka.
  • Rebuilt more than 4,000 homes, in addition, community and health centers, schools and orphanages have been constructed.
  • Tsunami reconstruction efforts are now complete in Indonesia and Thailand, projects are expected to be completed within the year in Sri Lanka, and projects are ongoing in India.

Lions Provide Relief Following September 11, 2001 Attacks

  • Mobilized US$3.2 million for relief efforts following the attacks.
  • Purchased needed rescue tools; shipping containers to provide sleeping and warming center for disaster workers; established communications network for e-mail, phone and website; held several camp retreats for families of victims.


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