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How to Donate

How to Donate


Donors can be confident that disaster relief donations entrusted to LCIF will support initiatives that impact communities and change lives. In 2007 LCIF was named the #1 non-governmental organization with which to partner, a title our Foundation still holds today.

Lions in New Zealand provide food to relief workersExamples of What Your Disaster Relief Donations Can Provide:

Water, Food and Clothing:
$25-$50 – Can provide water, food rations, clothing and shoes to keep a family or several individuals fed, protected and sustained for at least one week or more.

First Aid/Medicines:
$100-$250 – Can provide first aid and medical supplies for one shift of emergency first aid for the backlog of injured.

Re-build and Establish Community Infrastructure:
$500-$1,000 – Can help provide a portion of the funds to be used in rebuilding homes.  After several weeks, many other disaster relief organizations will finish providing disaster aid and allow locals to do the rest on their own. But not Lions – LCIF is establishing long-term plans to provide shelter for individuals displaced or left homeless following this disaster.

Help Our Long-term Rebuilding Efforts:
$5,000+ – Can help provide a portion of funds necessary for the construction of schools, clinics and hospitals that will serve the community for many years.  In similar scope emergencies (Haiti, Southeast Asia Tsunami, China Earthquake) LCIF has built entire Lions villages to house, educate and assist those who lost everything.

How To Make a Disaster Relief Donation:

  • Donate online. Select Disaster and include the name of the disaster in the comments section.
  • Make a credit card donation with a MasterCard, Visa or American Express. Fax the following information to LCIF: name, address, phone number, credit card type, credit card number, expiration date, and amount of the donation. If you are a Lions member, please provide your clubs information. LCIF's fax number is (630) 571-5735.
  • Mail LCIF a U.S. dollar check drawn on a U.S. financial institution. Make the check payable to Lions Clubs International Foundation, noting the name of the disaster (Japan or New Zealand) in the memo. Please send the check to Lions Clubs International Foundation, Department 4547, Carol Stream, Illinois 60122-4547  USA
  • Make a direct deposit of local currency into an existing LCI account. Send a copy to LCIF via fax to (630) 571-5735.


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