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Disaster relief quotes from Lions and others who were on the ground after the most recent disasters. In this testimonials, victims and volunteers share their direct experiences with LCIF relief efforts:

Japan Earthquake

“When I called District Governor Tabata, his parents and relatives were missing, but his first comment to me was ‘I must do something before many members give up being a Lion.’ I felt a rush of emotion that I can hardly describe. In the middle of the devastation, the Lions I met with there are standing with dignity, and ready to help people in the worst condition. We should support these Lions with all our strength."
—Lion Motohiro Oono, Saitama, District 330-C

"March 11th, little before 3 p.m., I heard a rattling sound and that was the beginning of the tragedy. I thought the shaking would settle soon, but I was wrong. I saw the ground waving, a welder in our factory moving, a product that weighs over 2 tons sliding about 2 meters, and metal plates falling. We jumped out of the factory. Outside we saw something unbelievable – a four-ton truck floating in the air.… Lions across Japan sent us water and food. Our area is less affected compared to those severely damaged areas like Iwate and Miyagi, so at first I hesitated to accept the offer. But I am sure this will mean the world to people who are spending time in darkness at shelters."
—Masamitsu Kitamura, President of Hitachi Sakura Lions Club, District 333-E

"Two days after the earthquake, the 330-A cabinet wrapped-up our regular meeting early and went out to Shinjuku rail station with donation boxes in our hands. Soon after we started lifting our voice and asking for donations, one young woman came to us. ‘This is for the earthquake in Miyagi, right?’ Yes, it is. ‘I haven't been able to contact my friend. Please pass this on.’ She put 1,000 yen in the box with tears in her pleading eyes. So many people, most of them young, pulled out their wallets once they realized what the fundraising was for. When we said thank you, many of them said ‘please pass this on,’ ‘we count on you’ or simply ‘thank you.’  Some of them were crying. One young woman who donated joined us in fundraising until the end."
—Junichi Kayashima, District 330-A, Tokyo, Japan

New Zealand Earthquake

"At an emergency meeting of the Earthquake Committee last night, I spoke to one Lion who had damage to his house, his place of work was closed, he had no power, water or sewerage connections yet was still attending a Lions meeting to see how he could assist the citizens of Christchurch."
—Past International Director Ron Luxton
“The people were so grateful to the Lions for the water, that many of the residents wanted to help pay for the costs … [they] were so moved that, although affected themselves, Lions were helping out the people of the city.”
—District Governor Raewyn Clearwater

"We needed help and knew of Lions' work. We called, and they responded immediately."
—President of Red Cross New Zealand, Penny Mason


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