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Humanitarian Efforts

Humanitarian Efforts


Humanitarian service is at the heart of LCIF and Lions' work. Working together, Lions identify the most crucial needs, and LCIF supports them in humanitarian efforts that transform lives of people around the world. Our partners are also key in addressing humanitarian needs in the most effective ways.

Empowering People with Disabilities

LCIF and Lions are helping people with disabilities to lead more independent, productive and fulfilling lives. Lions have built more than 1,000 handicapped-accessible homes in partnership with Habitat for Humanity. We also support people with disabilities through training and services they need to improve their education and job prospects, while enhancing their day-to-day lives and emotional well-being.

Current humanitarian efforts include the Opening Eyes program, which helps Special Olympics athletes see the finish line more clearly, while also improving their quality of life.

Addressing Global Health Issues

The Foundation also develops and implements programs that improve health for people worldwide. We are currently working to combat measles through strong partnerships that bring immunizations to those who are at-risk of the disease.

LCIF also supports Lions' efforts to address another global health risk - diabetes. Approximately 347 million people have diabetes, with the number projected to rise according to the World Health Organization. Through the LCIF Core 4 Diabetes program, multi-year grants are awarded to large-scale Lions' efforts to support diabetes education, prevention and treatment programs. LCIF has supported Lions’ diabetes initiatives in Turkey, France, Benin, the Republic of Korea, the United States and many other countries.


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