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Partnership Initiatives

Partnership Initiatives


150 million children around the world treated for childhood blindness
350,000 Special Olympics athletes given vision screenings
More than 5 million cataract surgeries completed in China
More than 21 million at-risk children provided with vision screenings in Asia

Accomplishments like these could not be done alone. It is only through partnerships that LCIF is able to continue preserving and restoring sight to the blind and visually impaired around the world. Through new and long-standing partnerships with corporations, governments, foundations, other non-governmental organizations and local community leaders, we are able to reach common goals, share expertise and leverage funds.

Our Current Sight Partnerships

Childhood Blindness Project

LCIF’s SightFirst program and the World Health Organization have joined together on the Project for Elimination of Avoidable Childhood Blindness, which has strengthened or established 45 needs-based pediatric Lions eye care centers around the world. This partnership has provided preventative, therapeutic and rehabilitative eye care services to 140 million children.

Lions Lens and Vision Centers
Essilor International is working with LCIF to offer a high-quality, low-cost eye glass lens for humanitarian purposes worldwide. The Lions Lens Program is being piloted in several refractive error projects in Africa and the United States.

Measles Initiative
LCIF is supporting a worldwide effort spearheaded by the Measles Initiative to protect children from measles and strengthen routine immunization services.

Opening Eyes
Since 2001, LCIF and the Special Olympics have worked together to provide vision screenings, eyewear and other vision care services for athletes.

Pediatric Cataract Initiative
Bausch + Lomb and LCIF are partnering to develop and provide innovative, capacity-building prevention and treatment programs for children with cataracts.

Sight for Kids
LCIF and Johnson & Johnson Vision Care Companies have collaborated to develop this program that provides vision screenings and eye health education for children in nine Asian countries. 

SightFirst China Action
This partnership with the Ministry of Health and the Chinese Disabled Person’s Federation has provided the development of rural surgical centers and secondary eye care units, as well as millions of cataract surgeries, restoring sight to the blind.


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