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LCIF Fundraising reports will help keep coordinators informed about Lions’ donations and assist with fundraising goals. Coordinators can access the most recent Coordinator Goal Setting report or the Club Participation report below. Please contact donorassistance@lionsclubs.org to request any of the other reports listed:

LCIF Grants Awarded, Jan. 1, 1970 - Sep. 1, 2017

LCIF Coordinator Goal Setting Report
Lists each district with their goal for the year and progress towards that goal.

LCIF Club Participation Report
Shows the number of clubs that have donated to LCIF in each district.

One Shot, One Life Lions Measles Initiative Donations
Lists all Measles Initiative donations by District, MD and Constitutional Area.

Melvin Jones Fellowship Listing
Lists all named Melvin Jones Fellows by district since the program started. Includes non-Lions.

Status of Installments on Melvin Jones Fellowships
Lists all unconsumed MJF recognition credits from individuals and clubs. Any credits that are listed for non or former members are non-transferable. They remain on the report in case the individual chooses to join a club in the future.

Total Recap of Donations
Lists all donations, including disaster relief donations, by individual (individual names withheld), club, district and multiple district.


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