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Humanitarian Partners

Humanitarian Partners


The Humanitarian Partner program honors individuals whose cumulative donations exceed US$100,000, $200,000, $300,000 and $500,000, respectively. Recipients receive an elegant bronze, silver, gold or platinum pin, respectively. The program has recently introduced new pin levels recognizing donations in US$20,000 increments through the US$300,000 level. Like the PMJF Program, each level receives a unique pin with different stones and metal types. Names of partners also are inscribed on the Humanitarian Partner Wall at international headquarters.

Lions Clubs International Foundation Humanitarian Partners

Aggarwal,                        Naresh                                India

Ahn,                                   Doo-Hoon                         Republic of Korea

Akiba                              Kazutomi                              Japan

Anzawa,                           Shoichi                                Japan

Arino,                                Isamu                                  Japan

Babla,                                Kanak Singh                      Kenya

Berhan,                            Tebebe                               Ethiopia

Boonnikornvoravith,    Vuthi                                   Thailand

Chan,                                 Charlie                                Singapore

Chang                               Cheng Jung                         MD 300 Taiwan

Chang,                              Jui-Tai                                  MD 300 Taiwan

Chang                               Po-Kuang                            MD 300 Taiwan

Chang                               Yu-Chuan                            MD 300 Taiwan

Chao,                                 Ling-Hsun                          MD 300 Taiwan

Chao,                                 Yung Yuan                         MD 300 Taiwan

Chen                                 Chia-Tien                             MD 300 Taiwan

Chen,                                Pi-Che                                 MD 300 Taiwan

Cheng                              Ju-Ming                                MD 300 Taiwan

Cheng,                              Yi-Tu                                    MD 300 Taiwan

Chiang,                             Ta-Lung                              MD 300 Taiwan

Chiu,                                  Liang- Chin                        MD 300 Taiwan

Chiueh                               Tung-Chin                           MD 300 Taiwan

Choi,                                  Jung Yul                              Republic of Korea

Choi,                                  Sung-Gyun                        Republic of Korea

Chou,                                Jung- Chia                          MD 300 Taiwan

Chung,                              Youn-Tong                        Republic of Korea

Chung.                              Kwan Hyun                       Republic of Korea

Corlew,                             Robert                                United States

Eckelman,                        Paul                                      United States

Enomoto,                        Shunji                                  Japan

Fallen,                             Raymond                           United States

Fan                                Huei-Tzu                              MD 300 Taiwan

Fan,                                    Paul Chor Ho                    Hong Kong, China

Fong                               Jean-Jean Lai                     MD 300 Taiwan

Fukui,                                Masanori                           Japan

Furo,                                  Yasumasa                          Japan

Fushimi,                           Ryu                                       Japan

Gans,                                 Jeffery                                United States

Gomes,                            Alexis                                  Congo Republic

Greene,                           Warren                               United States

Ha                                Myung-Soo                        Republic of Korea

Habanananda,               Kajit                                     Thailand

Han                              Kyu-Bong            SE           Republic of Korea

Hata,                                  Saburo                                Japan

Hong,                                Xu                                         China

Hsiao                                Wen Lung                            MD 300 Taiwan

Huang                               Hsiu-Jung                            MD 300 Taiwan

Huang,                              Liao- Chuan                       MD 300 Taiwan

Huang,                              Ming- Tsung                     MD 300 Taiwan

Huang                               Shu-Chin Liao                     MD 300 Taiwan

Hung,                                Hin                                        Hong Kong, China

Hsu                                   Hsin-Han                              MD 300 Taiwan

Jan,                                    Michael                              MD 300 Taiwan

Jang ,                                 Kwang-Soo                       Republic of Korea

Joshi,                                 Kamal                                  Tanzania

Kato,                                  Suketaro                            Japan

Kayamori                         Shinji                                   Japan

Kim ,                                  Byeong-Deok                   Republic of Korea

Kim,                                   Sung- Jeon                        Republic of Korea

Kim                                    Tae-Young                          Republic of Korea

Kitamura                             Akiko                                  Japan

Kitano,                              Kentaro                              Japan

Lai                                    Cheng-Lung                        MD 300 Taiwan

Lai,                                      Min- Hsiung                      MD 300 Taiwan

Lau                                     Alice Chitning                   China

Lee                                    Chuen Chi                           MD 300 Taiwan

Lee                                    Kang-In                                Republic of Korea

Lee                                    Peter                                    Hong Kong, China

Lee,                                    Sang- Do                            Republic of Korea

Lee,                                    Tae- Sup                             Republic of Korea

Lee.                                    Simon K Y                           Hong Kong, China

Lehman,                           Tom                                     United States

Li                                      Xiao Bo PE                           China

Liao,                                   Hsiu-Nan                            MD 300 Taiwan

Liao,                                   Yi-Cheng                            MD 300 Taiwan

Libin,                                  Robert                                United States

Lin                                      Kuo-Jung                             MD 300 Taiwan

Lin,                                     Magnet                              MD 300 Taiwan

Lo                                      Hung-Chi                             MD 300 Taiwan

Lo                                      Ka                                     Hong Kong, China

Lovisuth,                          Somsakdi                             Thailand

MacLeod,                        Malcolm                               Canada

Mao                                Chin Hsiang                         MD 300 Taiwan

Matsui,                             Kazuko                                Japan

Mehta,                             Rohit                                    India

Mihara,                             Harumasa                          Japan

Mizobuchi,                      Yoshio                                 Japan

Mort,                                 Marion                                United States

Nishikawa,                      Yoshinori                            Japan

Oh,                                 In-Kyo                             Republic of Korea

Okamoto,                        Akira                                    Japan

Onodera,                         Shingo                                 Japan

Osawa,                             Kyoko                                  Japan

Oswal,                               Aruna                                  India

Park,                                  Charles                               Philippines

Park,                                  Chi                                     Republic of Korea

Park,                                  Ki-Bong                               Republic of Korea

Patel,                                 Vishnubhai                        India

Pennacchi,                      Paulo                                   Brazil

Raghunathan,                M V                                      India

Ramaswamy,                 G                                           India

Rao ,                                  Murusupally                     India

Reddy,                              V Venkata Krishna         India

Risui,                                  Rika                                      Japan

Roberts,                           David                                   United States

Robinett,                         Henry                                  United States

Sako,                                 Yukiharu                             Japan

Scruggs, III                       Sid L.                                    United States

Shibuta,                            Shigegaru                          Japan

Shreve,                             Carole                                 United States

Soga,                                 Kazuyoshi                          Japan

Soliva,                               Augustin                            Brazil

Ssu                                   Ting-Yu                        MD 300 Taiwan

Stanford,                         Dwight                                United States

Sun                                Chen-Fu                               MD 300 Taiwan

Suzuki,                              Chikao                                 Japan

Sy,                                      Robert                                Philippines

Tai,                                     Jung-Chi                             MD 300 Taiwan

Tam,                                  Wah Ching                         Hong Kong, China

Tam,                                  Wing- Kun                         Hong Kong, China

Tang                                  Ming-Chin                           MD 300 Taiwan

Tsai                                   Chin-Lien                             MD 300 Taiwan

Tseng                                Hung-Lin                              MD 300 Taiwan

Tsuzuki,                            Yorio                                    Japan

Tung                                 Jui-Yang                               MD 300 Taiwan

Verma,                             Kishore                               India

Wang                               Chi-Tsan                               MD 300 Taiwan

Wang                                Elmer                                MD 300 Taiwan

Wang,                               Jin- Rong                            MD 300 Taiwan

Wei                                  Shu-Lien                              MD 300 Taiwan

Wong,                               Chung                                 Hong Kong, China

Wong,                               Edward                               Hong Kong, China

Wong,                               Jeff                                       China

Woo,                                 Kee-Jung                           Republic of Korea

Wu,                                    Hui-Yi                                   MD 300 Taiwan

Yabe                                  Shiro                                  Japan

Yamada,                           Haruo                                  Japan

Yamada,                           Jitsuhiro                             Japan

Yamaura,                         Seiki                                     Japan

Yang,                                 Chul                                     Republic of Korea

Yang,                                 Fu-Yu                                   MD 300 Taiwan

Yu,                                      Chien-Chang                    MD 300 Taiwan

Yu                                       Shih I                               MD 300 Taiwan


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