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164 subvenciones aprobadas en 2011, que suman 15 880 267 dólares.

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Grants Approved June 2015: 
57 Grants Approved, Totaling US$4,026,671

Humanitarian Grants

Nepal, MD-325
US$100,000 for the MD-325 microenterprise project

US$750,000 for Special Olympics Mission: Inclusion program in Brazil

US$200,000 for Lions Quest community partnership grants

Illinois, USA, District 1-D
US$15,000 to equip Illinois Center for Sight and Hearing

Missouri, USA, MD-26
US$26,100 to equip Lions Eyeglass Recycling Center

Michigan, USA, District 11-A2
US$100,000 to renovate Leaders Dogs for the Blind training facility

Massachusetts, USA, MD-33
US$72,812 to equip New England Eye Center at Tufts University

Japan, District 335-D
US$35,000 to expand an elementary school in the Philippines

Indonesia, District 307-A1
US$50,000 to provide braille equipment for blind and visually impaired in Indonesia

Republic of Korea, District 354-G
US$24,412 to purchase ophthalmic equipment

China, District 386
US$32,500 to purchase and equip a mobile vision screening unit

$34,020 to purchase low vision aids for Kirovograd Orphanage in Ukraine

Turkey, District 118-T
US$47,685 to equip classroom at a school for the blind

Wisconsin, USA, MD-27
US$100,000 to purchase vision screening equipment

New York, USA, District 20-O
US$20,000 to purchase vision screening equipment

Canada, District A-12
US$20,000 to purchase a transport van for Canadian National Institute for the Blind

Brazil, District LC-6
US$100,000 for equipment for Lions Eye Hospital

Texas, USA, District 2-X2
US$17,750 to purchase vision screening equipment

California, USA, District 4-A3
US$15,555 to purchase vision screening equipment

Indiana, USA, MD-25
US$75,000 to equip Indiana School for the Blind

Germany, MD-111
US$5,000 for a low vision project in Cuba

Finland, District 107-N
US$30,000 to distribute solar cook stoves in Kenya

Nepal, District 325-A1
US$100,000 to upgrade Mahendranagar Health Center

Nepal, District 325-A1
US$100,000 to construct old age home at Biratnagar

India, District 323-A2
US$32,923 to equip blood bank with donation van

Canada, District 19-A
US$100,000 to purchase ultrasound equipment for BC Children’s Hospital

India, District 23-D1
US$53,226 to equip blood bank with donation vehicle

India, District 317-C
US90,000 to expand school at Mundkur

India, District 324-B2
US$97,969 to upgrade Lions Blood Bank at Erode

India, 318-D
US$42,000 to equip blood bank with blood donation vehicle

California, USA, MD-4
US$91,700 to renovate Lions Camp at Teresita Pines

US$19,300 to expand and furnish center for the disabled in Bosnia

Canada, District N-1
US$75,000 to construct Portage Atlantic Lewis Fitness Center

India, District 316-A
US$90,324 to expand Lions Blood Bank

India, District 318-B
US$98,360 to expand blood bank at Kottayam

Italy, District 108-AB
US$15,000 to equip recovery room for sexually abused children in Moldova

Tunisia, District 414
US$33,880 to equip rural school in Tunisia

Japan, District 332-E
US$75,000 to construct workshop for the disabled

Canada, District U-2
US1$100,000 to renovate center for the mentally disabled

Germany, District 111-MN
US$39,295 to provide potable water to communities in Uganda

India, District 323-E2
US$100,000 to equip hospital at Navsari

Germany, District 111-RN
US$73,955 to renovate and expand elementary school in the Philippines

Italy, District 108-IB3
US$64,200 to construct volunteer firefighter station in Mede

Turkey, District 118-Y
US$13,000 to establish computer room at Lions School for the Disabled

Republic of Korea, District 355-B3
US$46,680 to equip children’s cancer center

Republic of Korea, District 355-E
US$20,000 to expand elementary school in the Philippines

Brazil, District LC-6
US$38,161 for vascular imaging equipment

Brazil, District LC-4
US$35,326 for vehicle, equipment, etc., for a guest house for cancer patients

Republic of Korea, District 355-B1
US$10,000 for computers for schools

Brazil, District LC-8
US$49,000 for a medical imaging device

Canada, District A-2
US$69,350 for facility upgrade at Lions Camp Dorset

Brazil, District LC-11
US$27,794 to equip a physical therapy room and kitchen

Brazil, District LD-4
US$75,000 for hospital equipment furniture update

British Isles/Ireland, MD-105
US$100,000 for a project to empower widows in India

Belgium, District 112-C
US$64,394 to construct and furnish center for street children in the Democratic Republic of Congo

US$100,000 for a mobile unit medical outreach pilot project