Disaster Grants

Disaster Grants

When natural disaster strikes, Lions are among the first to offer help. With a disaster grant from LCIF, Lions can do even more. Lions and LCIF are there to help communities after hurricanes, floods, fires, and other devastating natural disasters. LCIF offers a variety of grant options to support various stages of disaster relief operations.

Disaster Preparedness Grants support districts interested in partnering with local authorities and other community organizations to plan and prepare for future relief efforts. Lions’ district governors may submit proposals for disaster preparedness grants. Grants are awarded for up to US$10,000.

Emergency Grants provide up to US$10,000 for districts impacted by a natural disaster. Lions’ district governors may apply for Emergency Grants to help meet immediate needs such as food, water, clothing, and medical supplies. LCIF typically awards nearly US$2 million in emergency grant funding each year.

Community Recovery Grants aid districts interested in supporting short-term cleanup and repair efforts in situations where other organizations have already addressed immediate needs. Lions’ district governors may submit proposals for community recovery grants. Grants awarded provide up to US$20,000.

Major Catastrophe Grants are awarded for long-term reconstruction projects due to disasters that occur on a much larger scale. Major catastrophe grants are awarded at the discretion of the international president and the LCIF chairperson and cannot be applied for by a district. These grants provide significant funds for catastrophes with major international impact, such as the recent earthquakes in Mexico, the 2016 earthquake in Italy, and Hurricane Harvey (USA).

Materials for disaster relief grants: